5 mobile apps to help your business become more productive

In today’s economy a job is very rarely the regular nine to five. A job is very much a lifestyle and be it sales, marketing, business, or even journalism; nine to five no longer cuts it, we now know that for success in such a struggling economy it is vital to keep on the ball at all times and ensure that whatever field you may be in, business is always booming!


Mobile business is the way forward, in today’s urging economy nothing is more essential then keeping on top of your business at all times and with companies including Apple and RIM all jumping on the bandwagon you could be sitting in a cafe in New York and amending a spreadsheet or surfing in Bali and keeping up to date with your companies accounts…it really has never been easier to ensure you achieve business success.


For every field and every area of that field there is now an app ready and willing to keep you business savvy 24/7 but with millions available it can be a little difficult to determine which one is the right one for you and if you’re not as tech savvy as the younger generation then determining which app can help the most is even more difficult but we have decided to undertake a little in-depth research to provide a helping hand and determine which apps are the best for business.


Encamp App

Publisher: Alexander Batalov

For those working in a large corporation, or across different teams you will no doubt be familiar with Basecamp. Used within businesses across the world, Basecamp is the most efficient work tool available, allowing for secure and efficient project management and collaboration.


Whether you’re working on large projects, websites or smaller scaled tasks; Basecamp allows efficient communication of tasks and files to all involved within the project.


The iPhone is now building on the success of Basecamp with Encamp; a quick and easy application that provides unlimited access to your Basecamp and all tools, so wherever you may be, you will always be on top of all projects.


Keep up to date on all the latest activity and access files in an instant. This app is true project management at its best.


Quick Office Mobile Office Suite

Publisher: Quick Office

For those always on the go it is ideal to make sure you can keep up to date with everything going on, which is why apps can make life all the more easier, however one of the latest issues with smartphones is the inability to alter any office documents that have been emailed over which can make lives extremely difficult but it seems as though the problem has now been solved with Quick Office Mobile Office Suite that enables you to alter any office documents you receive, directly on your phone.


If you find yourself traveling constantly in and around the country then this app will surely come in handy.




One of the most essential elements that can ensure the success of a business is networking. For the success of a business, having the right contacts is vital and now you can have all the contacts you need without the pain of hoarding dozens of business cards around.


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals that is redefining the world of networking. Meet vital contacts and get their details with this iPhone app that allows you to add a contact in an instant and really get your business out there!


This is ultimate networking for the 21st Century.


Analytics App

Publisher: Inblosam

Technology is key to all areas of life and business is no exception. Whether you are a legal firm, a freelance writer, a shop owner or a musician; a website is a key element in exposure and expansion and in today’s fast paced world it is often the first point of call for those interested in what you have to offer.


To keep on track of your website and even better, to entice other businesses to advertise on your site; statistics are essential. On your PC and MAC you are able to access your web activity via Google Analytics and now you can do so on your phone with the Analytics App.


The app is efficient in highlighting all of your reports and enables you to keep on track wherever you may be…perfect for today’s web conscious society.



Publisher: Evernote

This one is a real beauty and ideal for those who are bursting with creative ideas!

Evernote is a fantastic app with a version available on your phone and on your PC or MAC that allows you to jot down all your ideas, thoughts and tasks within seconds. No more reaching for your note pad and pen, just click on this app and let the mind mapping begin!


This app is fantastic in keeping your ideas organised and makes for easing viewing and what’s even better is that you can sync all your notes directly to your computer so there is never any fear of loosing anything.


Store text notes, voice notes and pictures….you’ll never be lost for ideas again!


Try them now and if you have your own reviews then let us know!