10 Great Free Font Resources

When it comes to fonts, every great designer knows that using the wrong one can lay a design in shambles. On the other hand, a great font can scoop a mediocre design off the ground. In short, a great font can give a design the defining touch.


Amateur or professional, I think every web designer will agree with me; finding the right font can sometimes be a difficult task. The ‘feel’ that a website projects rests upon the right font; a font too curvy will give a juvenile impression, too bold too gloomy; it’s difficult sometimes; really really difficult.


Though with the right arsenal of font resources, the job can be made much easier. But finding the right resources can be a tricky endeavour; some fonts can be so pricey and let’s be honest, most of the free resources out there aren’t exactly what you would call ‘defining’- in the right way at least.


But before you fall into a font induced despair, listen up; to help you to create slick designs that don’t fall short in the font department we have collected ten of our favourite free font resources which are genuinely brilliant. You may have to do some hunting, but there are some real gems hidden in there!


Google Fonts

Google Fonts is for many designers the first port of call when it comes to finding that perfect font, and it really is no surprise. Google Fonts is actually one of the best free services that Google have to offer; there are tons of free fonts available for you to download and they are really easy to find.


To make things even easier, now you can just perform a web search for the exact font you need and just download it ready for use on your project.



Dribble is a hub for designers who want to broadcast and share their work among fellow designers. As well as a great place for designers to share their works and gain feedback, it is fast becoming a promotional space with many designers offering some of their greatest font creations available to download for free.



In a similar vein to Dribble, Behance is another hub for designers to showcase their talent. Typography is a favourite area among designers that share through Behance and quite often you can download some brilliant fonts that they want to broadcast, and it will cost you absolutely nothing.



If you are more keen to create your own font rather than use an existing one then FontStruct is a great app. As well as giving you the freedom to create your own fonts FontStruct also allows you to share your creations and download fonts made by other designers.



While there may not be an extensive library available on Typedepot, there are certainly some imaginative and unique font designs on here that will work great in your collection. The creators of Typedepot set it up with the pure aim of just creating great fonts, and it works; here you will find just that, no gimmicks just great fonts.


The League of Movable Type

I like this site a lot. If you are looking for high quality, quirky but adaptable fonts then this trendy hangout is where you will find them. Featured in the archives of The League of Movable Type is some of the work of the greatest fontsmiths on the web. You should definitely check out what’s on offer here and add to your font collection.



If you are an amateur designer looking to get hold of some of the best fonts that are available on the web, then I couldn’t recommend anywhere better than deviantART. If you frequently check deviantArt you will come across brand new fonts available for download as well as the many many fonts already available for download from font designers worldwide.



FontFabric is one of the leading font foundries. As well as some great free fonts you can also download some really cool font families at very affordable prices. You will almost certainly find the exact font you are looking for at FontFabric, their collection is just massive.


Lost Type Co-op

The Lost Type Co-op brings to you a large library of high-quality, trendy and original fonts but on a pay-what-you-want mode of sale. Obviously you can get away with paying absolutely nothing for many of the great fonts on here, but the more conscientious designer will no doubt consider paying something; even if it is just a small amount.


The Lost Type Co-op offers a huge library with some real gems in there, if yo are looking for an awesome font at an affordable (or expensive, should you wish) price then this is where you need to investigate.


Font Squirrel

In my opinion, Font Squirrel is one of the best free font resources on the web. Not only are most of the fonts in the collection adaptive and useful across a whole range of projects, but most of them are also free for commercial use. As well as these winning factors, Font Squirrel also has @fontface kits for most of the fonts available.


Believe me, once you have checked this one out, it will go straight to your bookmarked folder.


Better than Helvetica?

So if you’re stuck in a rut over using the same old fonts, you should certainly take a look at these free font resources. What I find really amazing about them is that you have the opportunity to find brand new, straight off the press fonts which will give you much more creative lease on a project.


These resources are also great if you’re just trying to find a slightly tweaked version of an existing font. Either way, you will not go far wrong with these sites.


If you found a great font using these resources, added the finishing touches to a project with a great font or if you have any resources that we missed out then drop us a comment. Here at Kalexiko HQ we are always looking to expand our design knowledge as well as yours.