Clinical, functional and convincing websites which delight your customers and drive your business forward

Kalexiko exists purely to build your business online and our bespoke blend of planning, design and technical excellence creates world class websites and web applications.

Web Design

We build smart, functional websites which continuously attract new visitors, keep old friends coming back for more and turn interest into business. Our websites feature flawless design, convincing page navigation and the latest interactive technologies across all browsers. In short, they do the job you need done, brilliantly.


Visiting a Kalexiko e-commerce site is like visiting your favourite store. You feel welcome, the signposting is clear and engaging, it’s easy to find what you want, clever prompts guide you to other products that you’re delighted to find, and when you go to pay the technology feels reassuringly secure.

Web Applications

Now an essential part of your digital strategy, using well-respected names such as Google Apps, iCloud, Amazon and also social media, compatible web applications instantly connect your business to your employers, clients, partners and customers in new and exciting ways, no matter where they are.

Interface Design

Our ability to create usable, accessible and beautiful interface designs is unparalleled. With a meticulous attention to detail, precise technical execution and exceptionally pleasing content, our websites and applications will delight your customers and advance your business.


You know your website needs refreshing often, and with reassuring back up from the Kalexiko team, our flexible and bespoke content management system easily allows you to add and edit content, view traffic reports and monitor hourly backups, at anytime and from any computer.


Almost three quarters of the 10 million people registered disabled in the UK regularly use the internet. Kalexiko websites meet accessibility and legal standards to ensure that everyone is equally able to access and use digital media and that none of your potential customers will ever feel excluded.

Need a hand?

Please call us on 0121 250 3865 or email to discuss your project in further detail. Alternatively, please complete our request a proposal form in order for us to forward you a bespoke proposal